Zelda (Cora)

Zelda (CaliCan Pup #69)

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We were very lucky to meet this wonderful family. As you can see in the pictures, they are a fun group to know. As you’ll read, it took two tries to find the perfect pup.

We fostered Zelda for a few weeks, and after the unsuccessful trial visit of Odie, we realized THE perfect home for Zelda was them. They were still heartbroken that it didn’t work out with Odie, but trusted us in what we had to offer…and the rest is history!  ;)

A year ago we tragically lost our beloved Wiener dog, Diego. Although we were very sad, we felt that it was an important part of our boys childhood to grow up with a dog (and who were we kidding, we also much missed the pitter patter, and snuggles of our loving companion). Diego was a huge part of our family, and always full of cuddles.

We had our doubts that we would ever love a dog as much as we loved Diego.

We stubbled upon Cali Can’s website, and obsessively started watching the new dogs arrive. When we finally got up the courage to contact Rene, and Kari. They were excited that we were interested and immediately set up a date for a trial visit with a candidate. It turned out that although a sweetie, the dog was not quite ready for a house with two young boys. Kari and Rene were both extremely understanding and accommodating through out the process. Our boys were very disappointed, and we were not sure we could put them through the heartbreak again. The Mayer’s assured us that they would keep their eyes open for a dog that suited our family.

About a month later we got a call from Kari telling us that they thought they had the perfect dog for us. The first day of our trial visit, “Cora” was lovingly renamed Zelda in honor of the boys favorite princess. The first night as we were going to bed, Zelda hopped up, burrowed under the covers, and made herself right at home. Some nights I wake up and have to giggle as I look over and realize she is sharing my pillow. Zelda has become a true princess in our house who demands regular belly rubs in exchange for vigorous tale wags kisses and a happy grunt. She has become best friends with her cousin, Charlie, who although out weighs her by a good 40 pounds, she is the boss of.

It has been about four months since Zelda joined our family, and we are looking forward to a summer full of walks in the park, and many more years of pillow sharing. We can’t say enough about how committed and passionate Rene, and Kari are about finding the right homes for the dogs, but also the right fit for the families.

We have our doubts that we will ever love another dog as much as we truly love our Zelda.

Buffy, Jeremy, Eli, Sam, and Zelda