Rosie (CaliCan Pup #45)

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Rosie was a part of the big “Last Chance” flight in June 2011. She was being fostered with a few other dogs in the home of CaliCan board member Cheryl. We learned that Rosie was quite the hoarder while being fostered…if you left anything on the couch, floor, chair, etc…she’d steal it from you for safe keeping.We’re not sure if she still does this!

In June, we had to make two flights to rescue 15 dogs. Rosie came up on the first flight with CaliCan volunteer, Katie.

Through Rosie’s adoption, we not only found a great home for her, but a great friend and CaliCan supporter!

It was a year ago and I was not even looking for a dog. I had recently moved into my own home with my 2 senior cats after having shared a place for 4 years with my daughter and her lab cross. Then my brother-in-law announced that he was getting a dog for fathers day from a rescue place out of California. I just had to check it out. I think there were 3 dogs available at the time-but I instantly fell for Rosie. Like I said, I was not looking for a dog!! She was so cute, so I started thinking. I hemmed and hawwed for days, clicking on the website,looking at her pic,reading her little bio until it was too late. Her picture disappeared–I was too late. I messaged Calican and found out her trial visit had failed and that she was available again.The next day Rosie came home to live with me. I needed no trial, I knew the minute she walked through the door. Rosie is the best dog ever.She fit into ev my life perfectly, gets along with my granddog, my grandaughter and my cats. After losing my elder cat just before Christmas she and the younger one have become even better friends-sleeping and cuddling together. She  survived her first of many Canadian winters and actually enjoyed playing in the snow–especially when it was fresh.She can tell when I am getting ready to take her for a walk and gets very excited. She also loves to go to the offleash park and make the big dogs chase her.Rosie is a bundle of energy and she brightens my days from the minute we wake up -her little face next to me in bed- to the time we go to bed –when she scrambles under the covers before I get in. Thank you Kari and Rene for all the good things you do and all the good friends you bring to us.

Laurel & Rosie