Parker (CaliCan Pup #65)

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Parker probably was one of the first dogs where we learned you can’t judge a pup by it’s picture. This little guy was as cute as his picture and more. He was surrendered to a shelter in California because his previous family thought he was “Too Chihuahua”. That’s okay though! He managed to fly a few hundred miles to find an awesome home with Jacquie and Adam!

We have had Parker for almost 6 months now and owning a dog has been as great as we thought it would be (and more)!!! In the short time that we have had him, he has come such a long way! During the first few weeks we had fairly frequent accidents despite a regimented potty routine. After some research on the internet we decided to try bell training, as it was clear that Parker knew it was “wrong” to go inside, he just didn’t know how to communicate to us that he needed to go out. After a couple weeks of working on bell training, he had it down pat, and now rings a bell that hangs from the door to let us know he’s gotta go. This is just one example of how eager he is to please, and we are so thankful that Parker has been as willing to learn as we are to teach.

The harsh Edmonton proved to be a bit of a stumbling block for Parker, as his daily walks became shorter in duration as the thermometer continued to drop.  Being such an energetic pup, we knew we would have to find more creative ways to drain his energy, so we began to teach him every trick we could think of. We started with the basics (sit, lie down, shake, etc.) and before too long we realized that Parker was a pretty intelligent little guy. We decided to get ambitious and teach him a couple harder tricks, he now knows how to bow, roll over, and clean up his toys from around the living room. Here’s a little video of him as we were training him to “clean up!”:

Our time with Parker hasn’t just been about teaching him what it means to be a good dog. Parker has taught the both of us so much about ourselves, our relationship, the areas we need to improve, and that we certainly aren’t ready for any children just yet! Parker has been a blessing in disguise and has not only brought us endless hours of entertainment, he has also helped us through some of our more difficult times. As everyone who has ever owned a dog knows, there is no feeling like the one you get when your dog greets you at the door after a long day at work, but it’s especially rewarding when you know that you have given such a deserving dog a second chance to have a life filled with love. After our first six months with Parker we know that the rest of our time together will be filled with endless amounts of happiness, laughter, and slobbery kisses. We would like to thank Calican for all their help in finding the perfect addition to our family; we couldn’t imagine life without him.

Jacquie and Adam