Cookie (CaliCan Pup #22)

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We remember getting an email one day from this wonderful family asking if we had any Corgi’s waiting to be adopted. Since we didn’t, we asked around to our friends in California. After a week or so, we were told about Cookie. A sweet little corgi who has had zero luck finding a home in California – probably because of her bad leg. We came back to the family with pictures and info of Cookie and we told them about her leg….big deal! They wanted her! So we flew down to California to pick this girl up (with 6 other dogs) and up to Canada she went. As you can see below, she’s doing great!

This spring has been an active one and full of new adventures for Cookie. First she met my mom and Roman (aka Grandma and Grandpa) in Calgary and stayed with them for 2 weeks while we were in Italy. Of course I was worried and it turned out for nothing. In fact when we got home I don’t think that she wanted to leave the “spa”. I call it the “spa” as both her and Malcolm were totally spoiled. I’m talking 2-3 hour off leash walks at the dog park daily, hours of belly rubs on the couch and in bed, daily picking up and rocking from both grandma and grandpa (and she loved it!), all kinds of treats (peanut butter kongs, dried chicken breasts and many more as well as small amounts of their dinner such as steak, chicken, vegetables and such). She even has her favourite chair which is now dubbed the “princess chair” as she loves being in it and she is such a little princess…plus it is pink. In one of the pictures you can see a bit of her new bling collar which I had to get for her being a California girl (it is handmade and has Swarovski crystals all around it and a crystal paw hanging from it…she so deserves to be spoiled!). In fact the only concern for everyone’s part was the few extra pounds that we all put on! So it was back to normal life and routine and occasional weekend visits with grandma and grandpa.


Her next big adventure was her first trip out to the cabin. At first she was a little timid but after following big brother Malcolm around for about 20 minutes she was off exploring on her own. She was so active chasing everything in sight (birds, chipmunks, squirrels, and even fogs which was the funniest thing to watch as I’m not sure if she had ever seen one). She was so tuckered out by mid afternoon that she would come and have a nap and snuggles with me and then it was right back at it until the evening. She even had her I’m assuming very first quad ride and surprisingly loved it with her little ears perked watching everything as we zoomed by. I know that it sounds pretty dangerous having her on the quad but before we went to the cabin we bought her a front doggie pouch which is like a backpack for dogs but you strap it on your front and they get secured in. She also loved walking on the sand by the river and went in it to cool her feet and have a drink. All and all she had a wonderful first trip.


Her daily life still consists of walking off leash in the green space behind our house where she continues to chase everything in sight (birds, frogs, rodents I’m assuming, ducks and even Canadian Geese). Fortunately she hasn’t been able to catch up to the majority of them as I don’t know what she would do if she ever managed to catch up to a Canadian Goose which is half my size! As well as off leash walks at the park where she loves to sniff every tree, bush and anything that smells good. She will go into the pond there as well but I haven’t seen her swim as of yet, maybe she isn’t a swimmer with those little legs.