4th Annual Summer Celebration!!

It’s that time again! We hope you can join us for the “4th Annual CaliCan Rescue Summer Celebration”!! Each year, it gets bigger and bigger, so we’ll have more to do!

So far, we have games(for kids and dogs), silent auction, dog exercise demos, dog related stations, BBQ, adoptable dogs, photos, and so much more! We’ll also have a fenced off area for the dogs to run!!

We’ve decided to be EXTRA ambitious with our goals. We are HOPING to raise $10,000 so help with the costs of local surrenders (the average cost of getting these local pups ready is $500 per dog).

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Dogs Really Do Choose Their Families

This past weekend was a busy one. The “Barking Bad” flight came in on Friday, April 11. We then had an adoption event/fundraiser the very next day, Saturday, April 12. This event went on from 1-4 and it was a huge success! Many people came out to meet the newest arrivals as well as head to the Albany Veterinary Clinic next door to see their open house and participate in their microchipping fundraiser.


When the day was coming to an end, adoptable pup, Ava, was brought to the event as she was about to start her trial visit with a great family. Her excited/perspective “Paw” came by and picked her up, thus beginning the trial visit.

As soon as they got home, her crate was placed on the ground so a leash could be placed on her collar. As soon as the crate door opened, Ava bolted right past everyone.

The hunt was on.

We got the call immediately after it happened and off we went. She escaped at 6:30 that night and we kept looking until 9:30. With the help of a few friends, we were all exhausted and decided to call it a night. We would be back the very next morning, 12 hours later.

We posted her information on Facebook and Twitter and the response was unbelievable! We had over a dozen people show up throughout the day to look for Ava. If you helped and you haven’t received a thank you from us, please let us know. We covered a lot of ground and backtracked throughout the day. There’s a good chance we didn’t see you.

Kari and I personally looked from 9:30 that morning and had to head home at 5:30 to be with our three boys (and to have dinner). Every single time our phone rang, we jumped, only to be let down because the phone call wasn’t to let us know that Ava was found.

While we took a break, Ava’s foster home was still out there looking, with their own pup, Mia (who ended up being best friends with Ava).

9:30 pm – The phone rang. “Hello?” “Are you the rescue who is looking for a lost dog?” “Uhh, yup!”. “We have your dog!”. We’re not sure what happened between that phone call and getting in the car. I do recall Kari crying tears of joy and me trying to get the address from her. Off we went. I’m sure we’ll be getting a photo radar ticket in the mail. On route, we called Ava’s foster family and they were freaking out, like we were….maybe more. They agreed to wait until we showed up to the house.

In record time, we arrived, and everyone ran to the front door and knocked.

Avas Foster Pawrents

Ava’s Foster Pawrents

Note: We’ll admit that we thought for a second “What if this isn’t Ava?”. Well….we didn’t have to think that!

door 2

It was Ava! And we’ve never seen her happier. Her tail was wagging like crazy when she saw her foster pawrents, Christine and Daniel (I’m sure if they had tails, they’d be wagging just as fast). Tears were shed, hugs were given, and friends were made.

Turns out what happened was Ava ran 8-10 blocks from where she got away. In the 28 hours she was gone, her last stop was to hide under a trailer of a house with three big dogs (Ava loves other dogs!). CaliCan friend and supporter, Rebecca, took our Lost Poster and went door to door to ask her neighbors if they saw Ava. She didn’t have to go far as Ava was only two doors down!

Before Ava went on her trial visit, Christine and Daniel were incredibly hesitant to let Ava go as they fell in love with her (what’s not to love?). But because there was a home lined up, they felt the right thing to do was let her go, and keep their home open for the next pup who needs a place to crash. With Ava getting away so soon into the trial visit, we believe one thing:

Ava was trying to get back to her foster family.

As we’re writing this, it’s actually hard to write “foster family” because that’s not what they are to Ava. Not anymore. They decided Ava was too perfect for them and she is now in a fur-ever home! Congrats Ava, Christine and Daniel!

How’s that for a ‘Happily Ever After’?


Barking Bad is Here!

Sometimes we like to have a little fun with our flights. We call them “theme flights”. We’ve had Halloween, NCIS: LA, and now we have “Barking Bad”. Each pup is named after a character of our favorite show Breaking Bad (though the meth reference does NOT pertain…they are just cute pups with some cool names).

Here’s the pups in the latest collage! Check our “Adopt”┬ápage to see who is still waiting for adoption. If you don’t see a certain pup from the picture below, chances are they have been adopted or went for a trial visit.

April 11,2014