Adoption Process

Please click the above banner to be directed to to see all of CaliCan’s pets waiting for a home.

If you would like to adopt a pup from CaliCan, please contact us at 780-266-0429 or email at
Our adoption fees ($280) cover the cost of shots, spay/neuter, and microchip.

Our adoption process is very thorough, for the protection of the dogs, and your family. We want to make sure the fit is good for both parties. Adopting a dog through us is not “First come, first served”, but rather best fit.

If you are interested in adopting a certain dog, you would contact us. From there, we will conduct a phone interview to better get to know you. If everything looks good, we arrange for a drop off or for you to come to the airport on the date of their arrival.

The 7-day trial visit begins the first day. This visit typically goes 7 days (a 50% adoption fee deposit is required). Because you truly can’t tell how the dog will be in your home, we allow for this long of a trial. If within the trial visit you decide the dog is not a good fit for your family, we will happily pick the dog back up, and they will be fostered once again. If everything goes well, we will come back to your house at the end of the trial with an adoption package, and go through the contract. We will then collect the rest of the adoption fees (for a total of $280), and your family has a new pup!

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