Please click the above banner to be directed to to see all of CaliCan’s pets waiting for a home. If there aren’t any dogs listed on the site, it means there are none available. Keep checking the site for updates or you can contact us in regards to the next flight!

If you would like to adopt a small breed dog from CaliCan, please contact us at 780-266-0429 or email us at
Our adoption fees ($280) cover the cost of all vaccinations (including rabies), spay/neuter, heartworm test, microchip, and flight costs.

5 thoughts on “Adopt

  1. Just saw the new arrivals … would like one of each! Ha! We will see you on Saturday … and we will bring cash!!! Since we are both so darn busy this will work out well! Looking forward to seeing you both … and if you are needing help with anything just let us know. We are bringing Duke & Keiko with us … but of course one of us will be available to help with whatever is needed!! See you Saturday! … Karen

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  3. Hi there I was just curious to find out if all dogs from California on are part of your program or if only certain ones were? Cheers!

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